We can build and host
your new website on
our scalable cloud.

Launching Your Website to the Next Level

Our striking designs and rich functionality will turn your website into more than just an electronic yellow page. Not only can we solve your problems but we can give you straight forward advice in plain English without all that jargon and double speak.


From “OH NO!” to “OK!”

It’s happened to all of us. Let us fix that cracked screen. Looking to repair your tablet or smartphone (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc?) Whether it’s an issue with performance or the software on the device, or a hardware issue or screen damage, we can help.

We usually have the latest iPhone screens in stock and can get almost any Android phone or tablet screen within a day or so.

Stop by and bring your broken cell phone or tablet. We’ll see exactly what you need and have you out the door with shiny new glass in no time!


Quick and Honest Computer Repair

Don’t purchase new equipment or overpay for shoddy service at the chain stores. It takes more than a VW Beetle to truly help people and understand their needs. Whatever is wrong with your Mac or PC, we will give you sound advice and solid service. We are your local choice for Southwest Michigan and the surrounding Texas Corners, Portage, Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, Kalamazoo County and St Joseph County areas.

We do the following:

  • Remove viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Speed it up
  • Hardware and sofware upgrades
  • Advise on a new machine
  • Set up a backup system
  • Get other devices linked up (printers, copiers, cameras, etc)

New machine? We can

  • Transfer files from your old machine to new
  • Remove bloatware that comes with new machines (making it faster!)
  • Free antivirus
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